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CCF Launches New Corporate Website

Children’s Cancer Foundation (“CCF”) today launches its new corporate website, at , with enriched contents and design.


The new CCF website provides a number of special features for the general public, parents and sick kids alike.  Let’s have a look now!  


1. Diagnosis and Treatment Glossary – reliable information on childhood cancer

This medical glossary is jointly complied by paediatric oncologists of the five major hospitals and our Chairman. It is a collection of common medical terms on the diagnoses and treatments of different kinds of cancer. Authoritative information on paediatric cancers is just one click away. All the reader has to do is to visit the CCF website and there is no need to rely on anecdotal information. 



2.  Make A Donation — the pleasure of giving, a secure way of giving


The new website outlines a number of ways for the public to support our work.  It gives donors directions on how to make donation by direct bank deposit, cheques, PPS and through Circle K convenience stores.  Online donation can also be made through the Internet.  Online donation to CCF is made through Asia Pay, a trustworthy online donation platform.  So now donation can be made instantly within a few minutes.  



3.  CCF blog — learn CCF’s work at a glance


The website carries a CCF blog for all CCF staff members attached to hospitals and the community.  Our colleagues share their experiences and personal feelings.  Meanwhile, online readers can leave messages to our colleagues on the blog too! 



4.  Members’ Zone – enhancing the strength of CCF family


To protect members’ privacy, CCF Families’ Club, Long-term Follow-Up Club and Bereavement Club have each set up a restricted zone for members.  All members can visit their respective zones for an update of the latest activities or registration for CCF activities.  Members can leave encouraging note for one another on the message board, and upload photos and video clips. 


5.  Our Past, Present and Future – embracing CCF History


At, you can see the early year of CCF and how CCF reaches out to the community.  CCF is now a well-structured organisation providing 12 professional services including family counselling, clinical psychological service, hospital play services, palliative and home care service, occupational therapy etc.  However, we didn’t stop here.  We are actively involved in the project of the Centre of Excellence in Paediatrics.  We believe our mission will never be complete and will continue to bring hope to those who need it most.