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2013-05-12: CCF Activities – Fitness Fun Day


In order to be physically fit, do we need to lift very heavy dumbbells and build a muscular body?  In fact, with simple gym equipment to train our core muscles group such as the abdominal and back muscles, we could improve our health and avoid back pain easily.


Thanks to Pure Fitness for arranging a Fitness Fun Class for CCF survivors and their families in May.  Dora, the instructor with her son, used Bosu Ball to teach the participants to do some warm up exercises to train their abdominal and back muscles.


Every one paid extra attention in the class! Some parents after trying some high level balance act, their faces turned red and needed to a take break.  The parents had never exercised with their children before and they treasure the experience. They look forward to the next class and would like to keep exercising with their children to stay healthy and happy.