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2013-07-31: CCF Activities: Ballet Experience Class

Ballet is so gracious and elegant that many parents would like their children to learn at a very young age, but not all children have this opportunity.  This is especially true for children with cancer, who are physically weaker than normal and often have to go to the hospital for checkups and treatment.  It would be difficult for them to go to a ballet class regularly.


Lynne Ballet School kindly offered a free lesson for our survivors to experience ballet dancing, providing them with the best ballet outfits, teaching them the basic steps and turns and having them dance across the floor in a huge studio.  







At the end of the class, they were even able to perform in front of their parents, dancing along with the music.  The parents were amazed to see that their child could learn so much in such a short time, even though they missed a beat or two, to them their performance was perfect!