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2013-09-25: CCF News - CCF sponsored International paediatric oncology congress opening in Hong Kong

International paediatric oncology congress opening in Hong Kong

Children’s Cancer Foundation advocates for better psychosocial support for

child cancer patients


25th Sept, Hong Kong over 1,400 international delegates from 70 countries are attending the biggest annual paediatric cancer meeting in the world. There are more than 900 doctors and 110 nurses participating. The 4-day congress will cover all aspects of the illness ranging from diagnostics to targeted therapy, from psychosocial support to quality of life in long-term survivors.  The Children’s Cancer Foundation (CCF) hopes that through this congress the Hong Kong government will understand the importance of providing psychosocial services for child cancer patients at the Centre of Excellence in Paediatrics due to open in 2018.


Alastair Monteith-Hodge, CEO of the Children’s Cancer Foundation said, “Hong Kong is a world city with mature clinical techniques in the treatment of childhood cancer, yet psychosocial support for child cancer patients and their families is not an integral part of the current model of care. Most psychosocial support --- for example, long-term follow-up, hospital play, family and bereavement counselling, and even palliative care services --- are provided by us. CCF’s sponsorship of this congress is part of our ongoing advocacy programme to create opportunities for local medical staff and policy makers to learn from international best practice, and develop an appropriate integrated model of care in the Centre of Excellence in Paediatrics.”


CCF has sponsored 60 local medical staff to attend this congress together with an additional 30 doctors and healthcare professionals from developing countries, including South Africa, India and Nepal.


Top international speakers will deliver keynote lectures on different aspects of childhood cancer during the 4-day congress.  Dr. Oleg Chestnov, Assistant Director General of the World Health Organisation, will give a talk on ‘Global Action Against Childhood Cancers’; Dr. Ching Hon Pui, the world-renowned expert on childhood leukaemia from St. Jude Children’s Research Center in the US, will give a talk on ‘Recent advances in Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia’. 600 poster presentations will also be displayed in the venue.


As the chairman of the local organising committee of The International Society of Paediatric Oncology (SIOP) 2013, Dr. Li Chi-kong is happy to see this event hosted in Hong Kong, “This is the first time for Hong Kong to hold such an international medical congress. I hope our colleagues can benefit from it and create a better future for Hong Kong paediatrics.”


Globally about 200,000 children develop cancer each year, with 80% living in low and middle income countries. In developed countries where childhood cancer receives more attention the cure rate is now around 80%.  By comparison, in low income countries the cure rate is only 5-10%. In Hong Kong, some 170 children contract the disease each year.


The International Society of Paediatric Oncology (SIOP) aims to ensure that all those involved in childhood cancer worldwide have access to the latest resources and medical advances, and has the vision ‘No child should die of cancer’.  The International Confederation of Childhood Cancer Parent Organizations (ICCCPO) will hold its annual congress alongside the SIOP Annual Congress, with parents, survivors and caregivers from around the world attending.


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