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Sunshine Kids

Sunshine Kids

The Story of Sunshine Kids

Self Photos / Files - sunflower"Sunshine" symbolises vitality, energy and hope. In our eyes, the child cancer patients and survivors always embrace hope and live life enthusiastically even on their darkest days. These brave kids are like sunflowers, bright, sunny and positive, always holding their head high following the sunlight. Naming them as “Sunshine Kids” best reflect their positive attitude and passion for life.


The re-naming of our young patients can be traced back to 2005 when our Families’ Club held a competition to look for a more positive and catchier name for our children. At last, “Sunshine Kids” stood out.


Doubtlessly, this new name couldn’t be better for describing our brave and cheerful kids. They have been ill in bed and tortured by painful treatments that are unbearable even to adults, but they still keep their heads up high and face all the challenges and adversities ahead with positivity and perseverance, living a fulfilling and fruitful life.


Self Photos / Files - Picture1In 2006, we developed our own volunteer team, the "Sunshine Ambassadors", with members including Sunshine Kids aged 16 or above, their siblings and parents. Through helping CCF in organising various activities, our Sunshine Kids are able to establish a close bonding and cultivate a spirit of mutual support among themselves. It also empowered them to unleash their potential to contribute to the society.


In this section, we share with you the journey of our Sunshine Kids. Art is an effective medium for Sunshine Kids to unleash creativity, express emotions and heal their soul. Through their drawings and handicrafts, you will be able to tap into their inner world filled with positive energy.


The late effects of treatments and surgeries may have caused much inconvenience to the lives of these Sunshine Kids. They actively participate in various programmes such as music workshops and fitness trainings organised by CCF to help enhance their physical wellness and cultivate various interests, and ultimately, be better equipped to re-integrate into the society.


Self Photos / Files - silverliningFurthermore, our featured stories covering CCF services and stories of our Sunshine Kids will be constantly updated. We hope that these uplifting stories will give you a better understanding of the cancer journey of these Sunshine Kids and inspire everyone to sail through adversities in life positively.


Every cloud has a silver lining. We should always be hopeful for the sun will shine again after all the haze and storm.