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Together, we fight the Pandemic with Love!

24 Feb 2022

During the pandemic, some patients suffering from childhood cancer and long-term illnesses still need to go to the hospital for regular treatment, some in a high frequency as well. Patients and their families are required to conduct rapid antigen test (RAT) and provide negative results within 24 hours before entering the ward. Recently, the surge in local COVID-19 infections has led to a huge demand for early detection. We have received numerous requests from families who are not able to buy approved RAT kits, causing fear of delays in hospice treatment. It has undoubtedly increased the financial burden, especially for low-income families.


Children suffering life-threatening illnesses rely on their family members for long-term daily care. If their family members are infected, there is a high risk of mutual infection. Some families already have symptoms of COVID-19, however, they are hesitant to go out for refilling food and taking medicines from hospital. With the language barrier and lack of relatives’ support, some of our serving ethnic minorities families are even more helpless in such situation.


Children’s Cancer Foundation and Children’s Palliative Care Foundation would like to show our deepest gratitude to all benevolent companies and individuals who promptly respond and donate RAT kits to the patients and families. Upon receiving the donation, we have already arranged distribution to families in urgent need, including whose children are with cancer and under palliative care.


With these resources, families are able to know their health status immediately and, if needed, take isolation measures, while CCF is also able to assist them in the best ways possible. Other than that, parts of the donations will be arranged for our frontline medical staff who are required to conduct RAT on their days of duty, especially before and after meeting patients and families, under our staff protocol.


In the meantime, our team will distribute the resources to eligible families according to their family conditions, emergency needs and the frequency of hospital visits. It is expected that hundreds of families and frontline staff will be benefited.


Families in need may kindly fill in the application form here and we will contact you shortly. You are most welcome to share the application form with other families in need.


During hard times, CCF and CPCF are striving to take care of and ensure the health and safety of our service users and our staff. If you wish to help our patients and families, you are welcome to reach us via 2815 2525.


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Our team is striving to support families in urgent needs and to ensure resources on hand are fully utilised.


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Special thanks to benevolent companies and individuals, who donate RAT kits to CCF' after knowing that our families are running out of supply. 


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