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CPCF x Uber Presents: Taxi Reimagined Kids Drawing Competition

03 Aug 2022

Uber contest


Children’s Palliative Care Foundation (CPCF), an entity owned by the Children’s Cancer Foundation, provides holistic care to young patients with life-limiting and life-threatening illnesses, as well as their families.  We are devoted to enhance the life quality of these patients and their family members.  To cater their needs of daily transports, CPCF provides rehab bus services and travelling allowance.  This summer, we are joining forces with Uber to invite children aged 3 to 12 years old to join us in reimagining what the future of Hong Kong’s iconic taxis could look like, and how taxis can better support the transportation needs of children with illnesses.


From 4 August 2022 to 13 August 2022, children are invited to let their imaginations run wild by using different colours and mediums to reinvent taxis, and rethink how taxis could become more inclusive to people from all walks of life. The first 300 submissions will receive a HK$50 Uber Taxi promo code*. After collecting all the entries, the public will be invited to vote for their favourite drawings on CPCF’s Facebook page from 16 August to 18 August. The winners of the grand award – Most Considerate Taxi Design – will be determined by the public vote and representatives from Uber, CPCF, Uber Taxi driver-partners, and local illustrator Felix Ip. The winner will need to provide creative solutions to transform taxis into truly accessible and convenient point-to-point transportation for people in need.  The winning designs of the grand award will also be featured on selected taxis across Hong Kong. We hope this competition will raise awareness of the importance of barrier-free rides. The winners across all award categories will also receive HK$1,000 Uber Taxi promo code* and a touchscreen tablet with a wireless stylus pen valued at around HK$5,500 or up to HK$3,000 worth of hotel staycation voucher. 


Ms. Vera Chin, Chief Executive Officer of Children’s Cancer Foundation (CCF) says, “CPCF wishes to express our gratitude to Uber, who put together such a meaningful contest with us. We share the same excitement in inspiring our next generation for their creativity to help create a world with more sustainable and inclusive mobility. It’s not about convenience for people who already have access but about inclusivity for those who don’t. For children with a life-threatening illness and their caretakers, commuting can be both physical and financial burden, and in some cases they have to carry life support machine everywhere they go. We encourage the young contestants to submit their designs to create a more accessible world!”


Children’s Palliative Care Foundation (CPCF) aims to improve the quality of life of seriously ill children and their families, and to raise awareness of the support children in palliative care need. Through Taxi Reimagined, Uber will partner closely with CPCF to reimagine how we can leverage the Uber platform to create more accessible rides for people in need and further serve the needs of children in palliative care. 


Winners Announced on Sep 8, 2022

Uber and the CPCF are delighted to have received close to 300 entries for the competition this summer.  All submissions offered original and visionary solutions to make taxis more accessible. While some proposed transforming taxi cabins to accommodate the needs of children in wheelchairs with life support medical equipment, others created entertainment and games to make taxi rides more fun.  Among the submissions also included designs that will make mobility more sustainable.


There are a total of 5 prizes for each age group, and finalists were selected by a judging panel that consists of representatives from Uber, CPCF, local illustrator Mr. Felix Ip, and Uber Taxi Driver-Partners. The grand prize – Most Considerate Taxi Design – also factored in the number of public votes on CPCF’s Facebook page.


Full List of Awardees


Winners (Group 1: 3 – 6 years old) Winners (Group 2: 7–12 years old)
1. Grand prize: Most Considerate Taxi Design

Ng King Yeung, Theo


This is a Happy Taxi (開心的士). It gives riders complete control of the vehicle. Through voice control and a touchscreen, riders can activate the vehicle, which will drive autonomously to the destination. Children with illnesses have fewer opportunities to go out. Combining a  dome-shaped transparent glass body with high wheels, the taxi will allow these children to look up to the sky or down to the ground and appreciate the scenery while avoiding traffic congestion.  The taxi also provides music and drinks. A lift platform is available at the rear end of the car, making it accessible to wheelchair-bound riders. The spacious taxi is also equipped with electric sockets for life-supporting machines.

Chiu Pak To, Paco



UBER BUDDY Happiness Taxi (UBER BUDDY愉快號) can travel underwater, on land, in the air, or even fly to outer space. The retractable design allows the cabin to expand or shrink depending on the number of riders. Equipped with solar panels, the taxi can save energy and reduce pollution while providing door-to-door transportation services to riders. To ensure that the needs of driver-partners, riders, and children with special needs are taken care of, the vehicle comes with ergonomic seats, wheelchair seats, disinfection products, hot and cold water, temperature control, VR scenery, gaming services, and more.



2. Most Playful & Creative Design  

Lam Hau Ying, Megan


This future taxi is capable of flying up to the sky and diving into the ocean.  A pair of wings are attached to the roof of the car.  The left-wing includes a classroom while the right-wing holds a library that allows children to study as they travel. The taxi includes five separate cabins. The cabin on the left contains a ball washing machine. The second cabin is a kids-only seating area. The remaining three cabins are mini-zoos. I believe that children must feel extra joyful in this car. Drivers are seated in the bottom corner of the house-shaped vehicle. When submerging into the ocean, a lifeguard robot sits next to the driver to ensure the safety of all passengers.  (Translated from Chinese submission)

Chan Hei Yiu, Hannah


The name of my taxi is S.D.U Taxi. It stands for Super Duper Uber Taxi. I was inspired by Dr. Seuss to draw taxis to be more colourful and creative. And I imagine taxis in the future will be more convenient, so I added the escalator, slide and rocket so that taxis would not need to stop for the passengers to get on and off.



3. Most Stylish Taxi Design

Chan Man Chun


This solar-powered air-shooting eco-friendly amphibious vehicle was inspired by pigeons as the animal can walk on the ground and fly freely in the sky. The vehicle emulates the streamlined shape of pigeons. It provides special seats for pregnant women, children, newborns, and people with disabilities. 

(Translated from Chinese submission)

Chan Wai Lok, Willard 


This vehicle can fly in the air and float above the ground. The body of the car is shaped like animals. This vehicle’s accessible design also provides space and facilities for people with special needs. 

(Translated from Chinese submission)


4. Most Futuristic Taxi Design

Shum Ngo Him, Reiss


My design is called Sea Land Air Animal Taxi. It can travel in the air, through water, and on land. The taxi also has a futuristic design. Its exteriors are modeled on three adorable yet endangered animals – the hyacinth macaw, the green sea turtle, and the orangutan.  Aside from making the rides more attractive to children, the taxi also aims to promote the positive message of animal protection and bring hope to children. 

(Translated from Chinese submission)



Leung Tsun Ting


From our home in Hong Kong to the Universal Studios in Singapore, the pyramids in Egypt, and even the outer space, this future Uber Taxi will allow us to overcome vast distances and travel freely all around the world. My future Uber Taxi is inspired by the supernatural character Mewtwo from the cartoon series Pokémon. It possesses the same ethereal powers as the character. In addition to being able to move quickly across borders, there are dorsal claws on either side of the car’s rear. The Pokeball on the left carries children with physical disabilities, allowing them to travel while sitting in their wheelchairs and, reducing the inconvenience of getting on and off the car. The red-headed, gyro-shaped Uber creature next to the Pokeball fulfills children’s entertainment needs and keeps them calm. On the right is Uber’s exclusive ambulance robot, which is responsible for ensuring the personal safety of drivers and passengers. I look forward to realising this vision of future mobility, providing convenience and better service for those in need.

(Translated from Chinese submission)

5. Taxi Design Most Loved by Uber Taxi Driver-Partner

Poon Cheuk Yin, Alvin


The name of my taxi is Free and Happy Taxi (自由快樂的士). The clouds and wings on the taxi are meant to make people feel like they are flying freely in the air and give them happiness.  The reason behind the taxi’s colourful design is to make sick children happier. The slide on the taxi is to make it easier for sick children to get down.

(Translated from Chinese submission)


Yeung Chun Leong, Carson


My taxi is called Automatic Taxi (自動的士). As the name implies, it is a self-driving taxi.  I created it by imagining the future. There are holographic projectors on the top. The bright eyes in the front light up when it’s dark.  There is also a huge cabin inside.

(Translated from Chinese submission)


We are also celebrating the winning designs of the competition on taxis starting from 10 September 2022 to 31 October 2022. Make sure to look out for these colorful and fun taxis across the city in the coming two months!