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About Us

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What began as a small operation with one desk and one clerk in a borrowed office has grown beyond our imagination. Since its inception, the Children’s Cancer Foundation has provided services to more than 3,900 children and their families, and indirect assistance through educational programmes and materials to many thousands more. Other than serving cancer patients, we are dedicated to fulfilling our vision in extending our current services to families of young patients suffering from other serious illnesses.


In 2003 we began work on an ambitious initiative: a vision to establish a dedicated children’s specialist hospital in Hong Kong that would provide family-centric specialist care for all children. In 2018 our dream came true with the opening of the Hong Kong Children's Hospital.


To fill the service gap between the hospitals, schools and the community in serving seriously ill patients, we established the Children’s Palliative Care Foundation (CPCF) in October 2018 with an aim to serve more young patients with life-limiting illnesses other than cancer. An online symposium was held by CPCF in November 2020 to raise awareness on the importance of children’s palliative care and open discussion on talking about life and death with kids and bereaved parents, with over 600 participants.


Started off in a play area in Prince of Wales Hospital child cancer ward in 1990, to establishing the Hospital Service in 1997 and renaming to Child Life in 2015, our Child life service has built a solid foundation in Hong Kong. Adopting the methodology and standard of the Association of Child Life Professionals (ACLP), CCF experience has proven that Child Life works well in our healthcare system and its interventions are equally effective in Chinese culture, not only in child cancer patients, but also sick children in different clinical settings. The value of Child Life service is well recognised by different stakeholders in paediatric healthcare. International symposiums were also held in 2016 and 2018 respectively to raise awareness on the importance of Child Life service in paediatric healthcare.


Our Community Services and Rehabilitation Centre in Shek Kip Mei established in 2009 was relocated to So UK Estate in 2019 renaming as Community Service Centre.  Serving with our heart for over 32 years, our Patient Care and Community Service team has also expanded to serve adolescent and young adult survivors helping to face challenges brought about by the late effect of their illnesses or treatments. 


As we enter our fourth decade of caring service, it is a sobering thought that the number of children and families we serve will continue to increase, and short of a miracle cure, that our mission will never be complete. Your continued support helps us to make a difference in the lives of children and families fighting life-limiting and life-threatening illnesses.


Thank you for helping the Children’s Cancer Foundation carry out its mission and continue to bring hope to those who need it most.

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