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Our Services

Our Services

Survivor Potential Development

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  • To support and assist young cancer survivors aged 12 or above in coping with the changes and challenges brought about by the late effects of their illnesses, through providing long-term follow-up counselling, life education, self-development, social activities and talent programmes
  • To enhance patients’ social network and help them achieve personal growth in terms of physical, mental, social and spiritual well-being


Survivors aged 12 or above


Services Provided

  • Counselling service
  • Life education and youth development group (e.g. life education programmes and university experiential workshops)
  • Interest and potentials development (e.g. band training, latte art class and Sunshine Crafts workshops)
  • Rehabilitation training (e.g. running and sailing)
  • Volunteers training (e.g. balloon twisting group, school talk and educational booth)


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