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Our Services

Bereavement Care

What is bereavement care service?

The death of the beloved child brings tremendous pain to parents and other family members. We provide bereavement care service to families and their affected members who are in need. The aim of the service is to help families adapt to the changes after the death of their child. We provide services through individual counselling, family counselling and group counselling, etc, hoping that families can adapt to the changes in life without the deceased. Ultimately, they can re-invest their pain into a new and healthy relationship. In addition, we organise the Bereavement Club to facilitate mutual support among families on their pathway of grief.

Who is our target of the bereavement care service?

We provide bereavement care services to families, including all family members whose children were died of cancer or other life-threatening diseases and they are in need of psychological care in their grief period.

How to apply for the bereavement care service?

For patients who have been followed by CCF professional staff, we will continue to provide care for their parents and other family members until they can be relieved and adapted to the life changes caused by the grief experience. For bereaved families that have not been attended by us previously, they can call us at 2328 8323 or 2319 1396 to inquire about the service. Our professional staff will respond to the need of family as soon as possible.

What is the Bereavement Club?

CCF’s Bereavement Club is a support group for bereaved families established in 2007, aiming to gather a group of parents with the same experience. Through different activities, bereaved parents can communicate their grief experience and encourage each other. They can translate pain into strength, continue their love to the children, and achieve mutual and self-help. We believe that life is harsh for the bereaved and that their path would be less rugged if they have travelling companions for mutual support.

How do I join the Bereavement Club?

Please call our staff at 2328 8323 or 2319 1396. Our social workers will follow up the needs of the family and help them become members of the Club. Notices on club activities will be sent to members.

What kind of activities does the Bereavement Club organise?

The Bereavement Club had organised a number of activities such as memorial gatherings, group sharing, seminars, tea parties and outdoor activities like visits, walk and BBQ, etc. Parents who wish to do volunteer work for CCF in future would be given basic training by the Foundation accordingly.