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Is Child Life Specialist a volunteer who plays with the children?

CCF’s Child Life Specialists are normally registered social workers who specialise in handling the impact of illness on children. They are members of the allied health professionals.

Is there a playroom in every hospital?

Not every paediatric ward under the Hospital Authority (HA) is equipped with playroom. Please contact HA for further enquiries. Currently the treatment of childhood cancer is centralised in the Hong Kong Children’s Hospital. Playrooms are available in the wards of the Hong Kong Children’s Hospital, where the Foundation’s Child Life Specialists offer regular service.

Where can I find child life specialists if my child is admitted into hospital?

Parents can check with ward staff if child life service is available in your hospital. Families with children who are under cancer treatment may call CCF so that a Child Life Specialist can arrange to visit your children.

My little girl is going to have surgery and she must be scared, what can I do?

Psychological preparation can be given in a way that is appropriate to a child’s age, cognitive development and previous experiences. It helps young children to make sense of surgical procedures by knowing what to see, what to hear and what to feel; parents’ company during preparation is crucial. Most children feel more confident with proper preparation. Our Child Life Specialists will help parents cope with such challenges.

My 3-year-old son has been admitted to hospital for 2 weeks but he still cries when he sees medical staff, what should I do?

Children vary in their responses to new environments. Parents’ company is important to help build up a sense of security; bringing along toys or music that the child likes can be helpful. Casual contact with people working in the ward helps ease their anxiety. Our Child Life Specialists will assess individual cases and customise ways to ease children’s emotions.

Where can I have professional training in child life?

There are no local child life training courses available in Hong Kong. Online child life training is provided by numerous overseas universities.

How can I be a volunteer in child life service?

Individual who is interested in volunteering for child life service can contact CCF, or approach the Patient Resource Centre of individual hospitals.