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Our Services

Half-way Home

Who are the eligible applicants for CCF’s Half-way Home service?

All those child cancer patients in Hong Kong who are under or have completed treatment and whose living environment is not conducive to convalescing, or who live in areas too remote for recuperation.

How do I apply for the Half-way Home service?

You can raise your application through your case worker, the medical or social service team in hospital, or CCF staff at 2319 1122.

Other than child cancer patients, who can stay at the half-way home?

In principle, we can only allow one adult legal guardian to stay with the child at the half-way home. But the Foundation can exercise its discretion and process applications on a case-by-case basis.

Is there a fee for the Half-way Homes service?

CCF provides all services for free. Service users do not have to pay any fees during their stay. CCF will pay the water, electricity, gas bills and rent.